In memory of...

It was two years ago today that I said my final farewell to my oldest friend; we laid him to rest on a Monday and I vividly remember the white gloves we were asked to wear as pallbearers - Symbolic I suppose... no longer to be touched by the flesh of the living.

Not surprising, hundreds paid their respects and he was eulogized by the chief of police; we laughed more than we cried, and celebrated his life... how could you not but laugh when told the story of being bitten on the ass by your own police dog. His life was a treasure chest of stories and people; rich by any measure.

Cancer, all too familiar and sadly predictable, took him from his wife, his family and his friends - All that is left are memories and these stories of a lifetime. Stories of friendship, character, compassion and courage; stories that have, in a humble way, shaped my own. 

"You got a lifetime. No more. No less"* - Knowing this, you write the best story you can and live your life. 

And life goes on. 

You find yourself putting these memories on the top shelf, and continue writing your own story...never forgetting, but eventually not quite remembering. Until a moment occurs; once more to be flooded with the memories of friendship, brotherhood and laughter. A reminder of why we are here, and what is important.

July 1st is Canada Day and the skies will be filled with fireworks to celebrate the nation; I will also quietly celebrate the life of Garth Jung, as this is one of those moments that I remember my friend and his story.

In Memory of Garth Jung (1960-2013), and all those who have touched our lives.


* Neil Gaiman said this