Maybe I should ... so I did

Not so long ago I was dared to start “vlogging” and even wrote a blog about it titled “Maybe I should”. It may be open to interpretation if I’d actually been dared but at the very least it needs to be reviewed to set the tone so you can decide.


Out of the blue I received the following LinkedIn message, or as I like to say, “the dare”

“gpe !  saw your latest post. Sooner or later you are going to end up on a business video on the airplane entertainment system.  Best wishes...” *

Some would say it was nothing other than acknowledgement of one of my blog posts or maybe a humorous idea never to be realized. For me, knowing who wrote it, I saw it as a an idea to be capitalized on, if only to try and make it happen — I’d show him. Although I admit there are a couple of hurdles I’d need to overcome. Probably the biggest is I don’t like having my picture taken (let alone live action) , and was it even feasible I could make a video without throwing up? (Let alone offer anything that is of interest and develops my brand)

Looking for inspiration, I turned to my file of inspirational quote and came up with this —

“The most effective way to do it is to do it” **

So I did…

I made three videos to “pressure test” the idea, the concept, the utility, and if I could endure myself. The proposal on the table (with myself) was to develop a number of representative videos to determine if the whole idea could be a viable addition to my marketing channels.

Because these were meant to be concepts I was not concerned with —

  • Production values

  • My “longish” hair ***

  • The background

  • The camera angle (although I was trying to be creative)

I was more concerned with —

  • Could I endure being in front of the camera?

  • Could these videos be done in one take?

  • Was I “sensical”?

  • Could I develop something that I could used in my “marketing mix” ?

As mentioned, I filmed three videos but had to discard one because I missed a line that was important to the central theme of the story I was telling. The other two are attached for your entertainment (and comment) because how these videos are received will become an important determination for what comes next.

Will I become the king of airplane entertainment? Who knows? What I do know is you have to start somewhere.


*I have modified the quote slightly to protect the innocent

**Amelia Earhart said this

***I got a hair cut two days after making these videos and look much better

Maybe I should...


Lee and I have known each other forever, and although an exaggeration, we did start our careers together a very long time ago. I was in sales and he was my trusty Product Manager — we were a small group, misunderstood, laughed loudly, and most importantly, were very, very profitable. All in all, it was a great way to start a journey.

As with most starts, you ultimately find yourself moving forward and taking paths you never expected — mine had me wandering around North America and Lee found himself enjoying Europe. Our paths would cross once in a while and we would pick up where we had left off, and we always laughed. Social Media has made it easy stay connected and a quick note is always a click away.

One such note found its way to me the other day. It was a message that simply said,

“Graham!  saw your latest post. Sooner or later you are going to end up on a business video on the airplane entertainment system.  Best wishes...”

It made me smile and couldn’t help but imagine the celebrity that comes with closed circuit TV — it also had me saying, “Maybe I should”. Although there are a few hurdles that I’ll have to overcome, particularly the fundamental loathing that comes with having myself filmed or listening to my voice, none are show stoppers (something that will need to be addressed though). And when I weigh it against all the new skills I’ll develop, this really should be categorized as a no brainer.

To Lee’s point, it’s not that I don’t have a reasonable amount of content…

So here I am preparing for a little adventure that has nothing but upside because at the very least I will end up learning something new. There is some work to do for sure — I need to think of my formula, the production qualities I’ll use, what voice to use, the content needed (and a number of other things I don’t know enough to think of). What I can say is that there’s already a working title for my fledgling video series:

“Fasten your seatbelt”

It does feel right, and I’m certain it’ll position me well to enter the challenging and competitive world of airline entertainment. At the very least, I will ensure I do right by Lee.


PS: If Derek, Marc, Doug, Natalie or Francois happen to be reading this, I hope all is well.