But I am rich...


Recently I was texting someone about my Blockchain adventures and how I was participating in an ICO  — the response was, "Let me know when you are rich" (plus a smiley face). To that I responded matter-of- factly — 

"Well I have a loving daughter, lots of deep friendships, I have my health, I'm still eager to learn things, I live in Canada, I laugh more than I cry, and I've seen enough of the world to want to see more... I am already rich"

I will admit I am hesitant to even write about this because wealth (and its proxy money) is a topic that can galvanize, inflame, divide and inspire all at the same time... it's such a loaded topic. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what "means" can offer (my term for money) — it can give you a more comfortable life, bring influence, help you attain better health, and buys you all kinds of "stuff". I understand and buy into why we want money, but there is always the ever present question, "Does money indicate you're rich?" (as well as its many other iterations).

"Having money simply indicates you have money", and I am always hesitant to correlate it with being rich, being successful, being smart, being happy, or anything else you may want to use money to identify with.

I suppose it comes down to what is important to you and the indicators you use for achievement. I will say quite candidly though, this whole topic can easily become a big semantically and philosophical mess, and in my experience never leads anywhere good when money is used as a life indicator. As a general rule I rarely talk about money.

That is unless of we are talking about managing OPEX, revenue forecasting, or raising money for a venture — then I'm all in.