Moments — you never know what you will see...


As part of our Easter celebrations my lovely daughter took me to a baseball game — in fact, it was game three of the Toronto Blue Jays home opening series against the New York Yankees. Oh those dreaded Yankees...

Like North American football, baseball is one of the games I truly understand and find great enjoyment with — either as a fan or playing. Not only was I excited that was going to spend some time with my daughter but was going to spend it with her watching a live baseball game. I suspect by the fourth inning she was a little tired of me offering up facts, and figures, and trivia — I didn't care though because I was having fun (and I know she was too). We were leading 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th inning when it happened; something that first happened in 1899 and has only been accomplished by 41 players since*.

Kevin Pillar, the centre fielder for the Blue Jays, stole second base, and then he stole third base, and then, in dramatic fashion (to the roar of the crowd), he stole home plate to score a run. Caught up in the cheering, I remember thinking to myself that I had never seen that before. And in hindsight, probably never see again. You never know what you will see when you are out and about.

A good reminder to get out and about.


* Facts and figures are from the internet and although they may be a little inaccurate, stealing 2nd base, 3rd base and home base in the same inning is still really, really, really rare.