This is why I really, really like beBee...

Simply put... it is the fascinating people you get to meet.

Today I met RenéeCormier and Kevin Pashuk for coffee (I actually had diet coke but this isn't about my slight addiction). I have known Renee for a while now and we meet regularly, but this was the first time I've had the opportunity to meet Kevin face to face. 

I have known Kevin through his writing and comments, and it has always been a nice experience — To meet him face to face was a complete pleasure. Our conversations ebbed and flowed on a litany of topics for about two hours and I was slightly saddened when we had to part company. I will admit some of the sadness was because I had to head out into the rain but that is no reflection on anything other than I don't like to get wet.

I met both Renee and Kevin through beBee, and it is just the luxury of geography that has allowed us to have coffee and diet coke together... but here is the thing in all of this.

I have also met people from Spain, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, India, the U.S., other parts of Canada, the U.K., et cetera, et cetera... I may not get to spend time with them in a trendy Oakville cafe but I get to know them through their writing, their comments, their interests, their engagement, and their expression. 

I have become a richer person for my beBee experience so far; to everyone I have connected with, "Thank you".

And to all those I will meet in the future, I can hardly wait.