The Windmill — A transferable example to selling anything.

They say you don't buy a drill but rather you buy a hole.

I suppose that also holds true when you buy a windmill because you are also buying a hole; it also makes for a creative example of Features, Benefits and Value as they applies to sales.

  • The Feature of the Windmill is to spin with the wind and pump oxygen into the pond.
  • The Benefit of the Windmill is the oxygen it pumps promotes aerobic bacteria and prevents ice from forming in the winter.
  • The Value is aerobic bacteria will prevent the growth unsightly pond scum and leave open water for waterfowl in the winter.

At this point it should be pointed out that Benefits satisfy extrinsic needs and Value satisfy intrinsic needs.

  • An Extrinsic need refers to the understanding that it is an overall general need.
  • An Intrinsic need refers to the understanding that the need is specific to the individual.

If I am a bird lover and have a need to see birds as much as possible I am not so much interested in the control of pond scum, but rather allowing birds to enjoy my pond year round. The value that the windmill brings to me is creating open water in the winter for the birds. This is why I would want to buy a windmill if you are selling one.

People buy the Value of the product that is aligned to their intrinsic need.

Let's not even get into Windmills versus Solar.


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