Courage defined... as well as other enviable qualities.



cour·age /ˈkərij/ (noun): 

1. the ability to do something that frightens one:




Like many of us I recently got together with good friends to celebrated our friendships, ring in 2017 with champagne, and enter the new year with great anticipation of the things to come.

He had mentioned that he may bring a Jello fruit salad; not only did he bring it, he also made it.  It was a multicoloured, multilayer, Jello dessert that was literally bursting with fruit inside and liberally topped with whipped cream. I've known the creator of this fine dessert since grade school and to discover that this slightly edgy, slightly cranky, hard core finance and business leader had gone into the kitchen, took a chance, and made this Jello fruit salad was the true definition of courage. The testament of his character was out on the counter for all to see, and for me, it was something quite magnificent.

As the night progressed, and as Jello fruit salads are apt to do, it began to split and fruit spilled out in a great escape, leaving the salad somewhat unrecognizable. This by no means detracted from the courage it took to make it, the kindness to bring it, and the friendship to share his Jello fruit salad. In all the fun and excitement of the evening I never did get a chance to taste it, but I wanted to make sure he knew it was greatly appreciated. It was a wonderful evening and a great way to bring in the New Year.

Thank you to all of those I have the privilege to call my friend. All the best in 2017!