That which inspires...

It is that time of the year when a young man's thoughts turn to the next 365 days, the plans needed to get you where you want to go, and that which inspires. I just finished updating and reposting a blog entitled "Write something down... anything!" on the social media platform beBee which offers a perspective on the importance of having a plan and writing it down.

I will admit I have a soft spot for inspirational and motivational memes, and although I know that sometimes who actually "penned them" can be suspect, it doesn't make them any less impactful. I happen to have a fairly large collection of these memes, and as part of my 2017 planning process, I thought I would review them to see which (if any) would align nicely with my 2017 activities. And sure enough, I found some that did.



A reminder that I have to "own it"; in whatever I do and whatever happens. And although there will be many people that will help me on the way, I am the one who has to take responsibility through the good times and the bad. 






A reminder to push the boundaries and look past what people say I can do and can not do. Search out people who look at the world differently than myself and who have ideas that are different than mine.






Go outside my comfort zone, learn to be "comfortable with being uncomfortable", look to that which I don't understand, and break my habits. Work to see things I have not seen before.  





Anything worthwhile is not easy... I will be challenged, tested, and some days all there will be is my conviction and belief to keep going. There will always be the next day.





As the Tragically Hip said, "No dress rehearsal, this is our life". Just do it, embrace life, and enjoy the journey.







A reminder to move with conscious thought and design, have an understanding as to why I'm in the moment, and what I am doing. And with that said, this is what my 2017 Guiding Principles and plan look like.





The Vision for a fulfilled Life

Self confidence with myself and the world through mindful action and presence. (self)

Self awareness and knowledge through activity & travel, learning, knowledge and wisdom. (self)

Deep emotional connection with a “Life Companion”. (relationship/spirit)

Deep connection and Legacy for my Daughter. (relationship/spirit)

Satisfying circle of friends with personal and professional connections. (relationship/spirit)

A safe, comfortable and tranquil living space (environment)

Intimate work with a company or small circle of clients to help them grow into their goals. (environment)

2017 Goals and Objectives (Guiding Principles in Bold)

Self Confidence: Maintain an uninterrupted physical lifestyle. Study mindfulness. Expand networks and formal association membership.  

Self Awareness and Knowledge: Travel internationally at least once in 2017. Take at least one academic courses. Read one non fiction book each quarter.

Deep Emotional Connection: Develop a soulful “Life Companion” relationship. Continue to build an adult relationship with my daughter.

Satisfying Circle of Friends:  Continue initiating quarterly get-togethers. Assess toxic friendships and develop positive new friendships. 

Legacy: Continue activity to move Family Legacy plan forward.

A Safe, comfortable, tranquil living space: Maintain current situation until 2018.

Intimate work:  Continue GPE Stratagem as an income generator (> $XXXXX K). Continue Blogging activity (no less than twice a week). Expand social networking. Develop one entrepreneurial opportunity. Write a book.  

So there you have it. Have a wonderful 2017 wherever you plan to go.