A Grand Story in the making... written for one.

The following is the original and the rewrite can be found by clicking here.

This is a very interesting time of the year. 

A time to figuratively (and maybe even literally) stop to catch our breath, take stock, look around, and determine what the next year will (or should) be. A time to, whether we appreciate it or not, continue writing our story... autobiographers all. 

A romanticized notion I know, but no less accurate, with every past page of our story in ink, our current pages in pencil, and all those future pages still blank - A Grand Story in the making.

 A story written by one, to be read by one, and ultimately for the pleasure of the author; a story that inevitably comes with the question, that in one form or another is asked each year, "Am I enjoying what I'm reading?" This surely offers insight into the New Year's resolution, and most definitely offers consideration up and above enjoyment alone.

There are two other questions worthy of being asked when reading what has been put down on paper:

"Am I truly the author of my own story, or am I using a ghost writer?"

"Is the story that I am writing truly what I want to read?"

Remember that enjoyment, although the ultimate desire of any story, must be looked at holistically; having just read the third paragraph in chapter seven may not be the best place to determine if you are enjoying what you are reading - There must have been something about the first six chapters you were enjoying, and if not, I refer back to the above questions.

What is important is that we own our story. Autobiographers all; writing the best stories we can... sharing, teaching, discovering, inventing, inspiring, and motivating.

Because in the end, we are all contributing to the greatest story ever told.