Optimizing execution - When ideas and operating systems collide.

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On more than one occasion I have seen sales and marketing ideas, sometimes very good ones, gather support and momentum... and then - SCREEEEECH, CRASH... BIG FIERY EXPLOSION! 

Why would that happen you ask?

These "fiery instances" came about because the idea simply could not be accommodated by the operating systems that are being used to manage the business... the idea could not be automated, "systematized" or streamlined with the current operating system(s); never to get off the ground... or if it does, it's a pale version of the original idea.

I will be the first one to say that systems should not dictate what you do, as that is the job of the customer and the market... however, it is important to understand your available systems and not execute on ideas that are misaligned with the capabilities of your systems - When you play chess, no mater how much you want the bishop to go side ways, it can only go diagonally; much like the systems you work with, their capabilities make up the rules of the game and dictate how you have to play. YOU NEED TO LEARN THE RULES.

RULE #1: It is imperative that you understand what your ERP, CRM and online systems can and cannot do; you definitely need an in-depth working knowledge of these systems within your functional area, as well as a broad understanding of the overall system... everything is so interrelated. Demand as much system training as you can get, or at the very least, ask where you can find the "manuals".

RULE #2: Develop a system process map for how your idea(s) will be executed before you move to build the support and momentum that will fuel your execution. If in any of the process you find the need for manual involvement, this is a strong indicator that a possible BIG FIERY EXPLOSION is in your future - This will also highlight system shortfalls that need to be addressed to serve your market and customer more effectively.

RULE #3: If you hear the phrase "they will figure out how to make it work" used in the context of your available systems, this is a big red flag. Big systems can be used by those who execute... they cannot be fixed by them. This also conjures up images of the loveable Business Gnome, and you know the mischief they can get into. 

RULE #4: Systems can never be blamed for why your idea "did not" work... that is on you. They however can be blamed for why your idea "will not" work... refer back to Rule #1 & #2. Align with your "operation" partners; escalate customer and revenue limiting issues regarding your current systems; bring data, and make people listen.

If you have ever experienced a SCREEEEECH, CRASH and BIG FIERY EXPLOSION, you will know they can be very, very messy situations to clean up - Probably the biggest consideration for the above rules.