Yes it's a game... but what exactly are the rules?

Patented in 1933 and sold to Parker Brothers, Monopoly is a board game that is standing the test of time; playing Monopoly is where most of us are given our first glimpse into "business". You open the box, set up the board, pick your favorite token, distribute the appropriate money and brush up on the rules that are conveniently provided. The dice is rolled and the game begins. A couple of hours later someone inevitably leaves disgruntle after they turn over all of their holdings and declare bankruptcy - They say Business (and Life for that matter) is a game and should be treated as such.

I don't remember anyone giving me $200 for just passing "GO"; it seemed I had to do much more. And I sure don't remember seeing a set of neatly typed up instructions as to how to play. Did they fall out of the box when we were setting up? It seems I am in the middle of an engaging game and have picked up some of the rules on the way. This is what I have gleaned so far - 

Knowledge allows you to play the game better: Search it out formally and/or informally. There is some knowledge that allows you to play the game better and with some advantage; understand what you need and what you are good at - Then learn to get really good. What can make it tricky is knowledge and ability valuable today, may not be in the future. Maintaining the momentum of learning to "retool your knowledge base" is key.

You play with people, so build reliable networks: Playing the game requires a wide range of people who can teach, council, mentor and motivate you. This will support you intellectually and emotionally, as well as afford you the opportunity to meet people who can help you play longer and better.

Be Trusted and Reliable: People want to play with people that they can rely on, and who can be trusted to "do what they say, and say what they do".

There are times the game is not fun to play: There are times the dice do not roll your way, you go directly to jail and won't pass "GO", or just can't seem to make that trade for the final property to give you a monopoly. When it doesn't go your way, you need to keep focusing on action to make things happen. And remember, if you are not having fun, you may have you ask yourself, "Why am I playing this particular game?"

Achieve... do not compete: Look to your own goals and work to achieve them - Celebrate your achievements, as well as those of others - Achievement tends to be infectious. If you find yourself competing with someone and their goals, you have shifted the game away from you and to someone else. You cannot achieve someone else's goals... just your own.

"Winning and Loosing" is a spectrum, so play the game with character: There is no absolute winning or loosing in this game, just degrees...there will always be someone "winning" a little bit more, or loosing a little bit more. And this can change in a week, and is the nature of the game, so be ready. Grace is something that will serve you well with the other players, no matter where you find yourself in the game.

Be balanced, as this game of business is not the only one: There is other games that we play and they are all connected... look after your health, share your heart and watch a sun set. 

Well that is what I have so far, but as I say, I am still playing.