Be Epic...

I was at a cycling event last weekend* and a friend arrived "sporting" a new T-shirt that said, "BE EPIC".

There was something in this simple phrase that caught the imagination and whispered countless possibilities- The deeds and adventures of heroic and legendary figures; stories standing the test of time... all Homer-like in grandeur. We were all caught up with the emotion of these two words, and shared the greater meaning among ourselves. 

Striving to "BE EPIC" is a stretch goal if ever there was one... it will take you places that you never thought you could go, and on adventures you didn't realize were in you; the only place for big, big dreams - "BE EPIC" makes for a great mantra! 

And then someone** said, "Or maybe, the shirt says BEE PIC." 

Looking at the stylized lettering, and with a little imagination, it wasn't hard to see how you could come up with "BEE PIC"... and of course that is short for "BEE PICTURE". With that, I just started to smile. 

By saying "Or maybe, the shirt says, BEE PIC", I was reminded that different perspectives will let you see different things... and "different" will lead to new thoughts, ideas, impressions and interpretations. For me, I was literally reminded of The Bumble Bee, a blog entitled " Every man has a story... even the Bumble Bee" and those characteristics we should emulate.

So now when I put on my "BE EPIC" T-shirt, I am reminded of this - 

  • Dream and set your goals with EPIC proportion.
  • Look at the world differently and embrace those who do.
  • Be industrious and never underestimate the importance of hard work.
  • Believe in what you are able to do... and do it.
  • In the end, only true character is left standing.

And yes I bought a T-shirt.... wouldn't you?


* The cycling event was a Princess Margaret Ride to Conquer Cancer, where 4,799 of my closest friends and I rode 223 kilometers and raised $19 Million. I big thanks to Huey, Dewey and Puddly for riding with me... it was a pleasure and an honour.

**It was Huey. Introduced in a blog entitled "Reflections".