Movember - raising the awareness of a fundamental flaw.

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I will put it out there and say that there is a fundamental flaw with human nature and most definitely with being a man goes something like this : "that won't happen to me", "I don't have time for being sick so it won't happen", "cancer happens to other people not me", "I don't want to know", "I don't need a map... I know the way" ... "deep down I'm strong; I'm a white knight who will not be knocked off his horse".

Mish-mash this together in any combination you want but men just don't think it will happen to them or if it does... "my super human strength will beat it".

Understand the fundamentals of Cancer.

News "fucking" flash for my brethren... cancer will touch you either directly or indirectly in your lifetime!!! You can not sidestep it,  IT IS A PROBLEM.

Up front I will say my sister, as  my well as my oldest friend passed away from cancer recently and way before their time -  so this is a sensitive topic for me. This is what I know from the experience - it is a disease that is relentless and will take everything away from you without mercy... I also know that the more you know about cancer (see video), its prevention and early detection the more you will be in a position to deal with it if it comes knocking.

So now we get to Movember - here's some quick facts for future dinner party chit chat.

In 2003, two guys from Melbourne, Australia, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, were having a beer (or two) at the Gypsy Bar when their conversation turned to fashion trends and where the moustache had gone - they joked about bringing it back. As with guys and beer, the conversation led to a "thing", and the "thing" led to a "lets do it", which then manifested itself into growing facial hair and formally supporting prostate cancer as a cause. (I was not there but I am familiar with where two guys and some beer can lead)

  • About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
  • In North America 256,000 men will be diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2014
  • In North America 34,500 men will die from prostrate cancer in 2014

The Movember message has moved away from just Prostrate Cancer to a broader Men's Health message and in the grander scheme of things it is heightening awareness about cancer in general, because as we know, cancer pays little mind to gender, race, creed, religion, political stripes as well as if you are good or bad. It is very equal opportunity that way.

So cancer is a Big Problem - and with all problems, it needs to be understood so it can be dealt with it... here we are back at the fundamental flaw I speak of. 

So Gentlemen, spend a little time understanding what cancer is (and what it isn't), have regular physicals (particularly the Canadians, with our socialized medicine and all), consider donating to cancer research (the cost of a weeks worth of coffee) and know as a community we can keep beating cancer back.

Ladies, if you happened to know any "flawed gentlemen" please pass this on.