How you define a good day...

This starts with shoes, more shoes, and quite literally rows and rows of shoes.

A friend of mine is part owner of a wholesaler that specializes in high end footwear mainly from Spain; the name of the company is the U4ik Agency ( This is a relatively new endeavor for her and the days are long as she shapes the company, builds the brand, and works to generate a profit - This brings us to what in the shoe business is affectionately known as a Sample Sale.

As a layman that was just happened to be driving his daughter who was helping out, a Sample Sale looks very much like a room with a vast variety of shoes, boots and accessories (in limited sizes) where the shoe lover can check out the latest fashion trends. If you like what you see and they have your size, substantial discounts are available that would satisfy any battle hardened bargain hunter. My daughter, who is taking visual merchandising at school was excited with the possibilities of the day - I on the other hand had somewhere else to be and left them all to their own devices.

After the obligatory text message at the end of the day to pick up my daughter, we were driving home and I happened to ask, "How was your day?"

To that she responded, "It was a good day...

"I made some money..."

"I learned some things I didn't know..."

"and I met a number of new people."

I could not help but smile as it did sound like a good day.


PS: I am incredibly proud of my daughter's accomplishments and here is an example of her work from a recent photo shoot.