The lessons learned from writing 100 blog posts.

"This is my 100th blog post; hurrah for me! Cue the band and let the celebration begin."

Why am I celebrating an arbitrary milestone of 100 blog posts that frankly has been surpassed by many, many others? Admittedly, 100 is a nice solid number of accomplishment, but the reason for celebration is because of the lessons learned from 100 blog posts. I have learned so much!

The necessity to blog was born with GPEStratagem and a need to develop my position as someone who can help leaders of small and medium sized businesses solve their commercial problems with clever solutions; I soon found myself writing about Change and Adaption, Creative Problem Solving, Execution, Leadership, and what I affectionately call The Human Condition (all designed to progress my desired position) - Blogging has allowed me to articulate my thoughts and what was originally a necessity to blog, has become a desire to write.

I estimate that I have written in the range of 50,000 words so far, and with each blog post I've developed my own unique process of writing, editing, rewriting, smiling and frowning... all in the hope that I've expressed my thoughts well. The words would come easy sometimes, although not as much as I would like; I may put a topic aside but I would never walk away, and have for the most part published two blogs a week. I have adopted the saying, "If you want to be a writer... then write" and it has motivated me to keep writing even when I may not feel so inclined. Looking back on my earlier posts I do see how I have become tighter with the words I use and I most definitely have become a better editor when looking at other people's writing.

What I have found with all of these words, and it seems to happen when you go to upload your post, are those whispers that say, "the post isn't ready", "it's not perfect", or "just a little more wordsmithing"... you need to click publish anyway; blog posts are meant to be read, elicit feedback, inspire social comment and invite feedback. 

And what have I gotten for my 50,000 words and a year's worth of blogging efforts?

Some of the data looks like this - An average of three web visits a day; on average, about 50 views per post on Linked In (with most views being 4,982 and the least views not even reaching 20); a 1:10 "like" to "view" ratio on Linked In; 5 retweets; 16 web subscribers and about 40 comments, with most coming from one post.

Thank you to all those who have read what I have written - It is greatly appreciated!

I will admit I would be ecstatic to have 4,982 views each time I posted a blog but in reality I'm just as ecstatic to get one. I am quick to remind myself that before I build out a bog and started to publish 500 words twice a week, my number of views was zero and week after week it was the same. My activities are having an impact, and although they may not be where I would like them to be, it is never zero.

I am also quick to remember, as humble as it is, I am adding to the conversation... where a year ago I was silent on the sidelines - Nothing happens unless you put yourself out there. I came across a Gary Vaynerchuk video a while back entitled 1 > 0 which speaks to this point and more. It is a video I have referred back to on more than one occasion.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how easy it actually is to get into the technology, build a website, and push your content out to your favourite social media networks. It's even easier if you take the time upfront to review all the instructional videos that make it really straight forward - I'm not sure if it's a guy thing or me?

Here's to putting yourself out there... definitely something to celebrate!