Moments — I'm behind with my blogging

What the reasons are I’m not really sure —

Maybe the long winter has gotten to me and I’m just waiting to the first day of spring before I start up again.

Maybe the busy days have me too tired to blog at the end of the day.

Or maybe, the last three weeks has had me dealing with some sort of gremlin* and I’ve been afraid to put “pen to paper”. I will admit the growing evidence has me thinking this is the only plausible explanation.

  • I showed up for my morning flight only to find out I’d booked an evening flight.

  • The plane was delayed due to a faulty lavatory light.

  • I have a cavity — I never get cavities.

  • I forgot a work thing that I never forget.

  • I went downtown for a meeting only to discover I’d forgotten my power cord and the battery was at 7%. And of course there was not a Mac person to be found.

  • Had to buy 500 sheets of legal sized paper because there are still some people who insist on using it.

  • I lost my favourite watch — truth be told I left it in a gym locker.

  • I’ve discovered there’s a scratch on my phone.

  • Sure enough, as it started to rain, I realized I had forgotten my umbrella at the last place I visited.

Although I will admit if I look in the mirror… maybe… just maybe the reason I’m behind with my blogging is I’ve been too busy whining and not concentrating on what I’m doing.

In fairness, it has been a long winter.


* grem·lin [ˈɡremlən] NOUN — an imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault, especially a mechanical or electronic one.