Moments — where you are


When you are able to get away from the bright lights of the city you are given the opportunity to look up; it's a glimpse, if you're philosophical, that offers perspective. 

Surrounded by stars, you can't help but self reflect — figuratively or literally, you are drawn into contemplating where you are. Against the backdrop of a universe (that is over thirteen billion years old according to current thinking) there is an insignificance so unfathomable that your capacity to comprehend has to bring you back down to earth.

The concepts of where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go become more within your capacity to understand.

These are the perspectives that offer up a semblance of control, accomplishment, and destiny, and become the framework for the stories you tell yourself (and others). In the presence of the universe it becomes clear, if only for the briefest of moments, that where you are is the most valuable of these perspectives, and it's not about the memories of where you have been or the ambitions of where you want to go. Where you are is the benchmark and foundation for everything — and under the stars you can not hide.

You are never lost when you know where you are, and when you're not lost, you can go anywhere you want.