Moments — a most human endeavour...

As good friends are apt to do I enjoyed a good meal and honest conversation the other night; when we weren’t serious we were laughing out loud. And being the generous type, we are also apt to invite others into the conversation,


We are familiar enough with the people who have to endure our questions, our dietary considerations, and the lapses in memory when it comes to our usual wine that the connection has moved beyond the pleasantries of simply ordering a meal.

“How is your back doing?”

“How are the wedding plans coming along?”

As always the wine was perfect (whatever it’s called), the chef was spot on, and because it was a little quiet there was ample time for conversation that went beyond the table.

“I have learned that chemistry in a relationship is everything…”

“Don’t you think it would be fun to surprise my boyfriend with a Nerf Gun fight?”

“Yes, I work all day, and then come here and work until eleven…”

“I was married thirteen years…”

“Send each other love letters…”

“No… I really appreciate your insight…”

The conversation ebbed and flowed; broke off and then came back together. Generations and gender engaging, sharing, and connecting — perspectives to savour and connections that left me smiling as I said goodbye and headed into the night.

I wonder if I will get invited to the wedding?