Don't tell me there isn't a Santa Claus...


Yes, I am well aware that our current and most popular iteration of Santa Claus is the result of the Coca Cola Company wanting to sell more sweet, syrupy, fizzy water. And for almost a century this beloved icon has been perfected for fundamentally no other reason than the top line on the ledger — although you have to admit he’s jolly, friendly and conjures up the desire to share your Christmas list.

Although it’s obvious why any capitalist would like Santa, even for those who aren’t in the business of making money find the fella will inherently bring a smile to your face (it’s just his way). I suppose the staunchest of detractors may suggest that he’s nothing but a pagan god to capitalist, consumerism, and the pursuit of money; all hidden behind a gossamer of lies — I mean there may be a case for this, but it won’t come from me.

Just recently I’ve seen someone help a struggling neighbour put up her Christmas lights, had a request for used clothing as part of an annual event, seen small gifts given for no particular reason, added to the Salvation Army collection pot already full of donations, enthusiastically received hugs and well wishes for the season, seen more smiles than usual, and because of it, smiled more than usual — all gifts unto themselves. All something Santa Claus would give, albeit sometimes humble.

Sure we should be doing this all year round but we don’t (I guess maybe it’s because Santa is busy, building toys). Call me naive but there is enough proof that he is very real, although I will admit that it would be nice if he got much more efficient at toy making so we could see him more than one day a year. And as the big day fades and the man in red is gone for another year, we look to 2019.

So here’s to —

  • Good health

  • Making the most of the promotion you worked so hard for

  • Listening to the good news a little more than the bad

  • Hugs and connection

  • Learning a little more than you did in 2018

  • Courage

  • Traveling to that place you keep saying you want to go

  • Compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness

  • Taking on the challenge

  • Living life because it’s the only one we have

All very “Santaesque endeavours” if you ask me. But what do I know, I just believe.

iamgpe (Santa wannabe)