Moments — a moment in time.

It was hidden in a box and forgotten. Correction, some people knew there was a box and generally knew what was in it — although arguably, this did mean it was forgotten. I only found it through happenstance when I was looking for something else.


If I was to guess I’d say the photograph was taken circa 1956. I would also say it was taken at a Christmas party, and if I was to imagine…

It was their first Christmas party since they had gotten married, and everyone took the opportunity to get out of the cold and celebrate. With cocktail and cigarette in hand, people were laughing, talking about getting the family together for the holidays, and speculated what the new year will bring. Beside the tree a playful conversation was happening about what would be under the tree on Christmas day, although no answers were forthcoming. The playfulness would continue, people would kiss under the mistletoe, and they would dance the night away listening to Elvis Presley.

It’s a moment in time that was captured, was forgotten, and then rediscovered — it’s a fortunate opportunity to glimpse into the lives of others, their stories, and ultimately to celebrate who they are (and were). My mother, god rest her soul, won’t be able to tell about what they were talking about, but my father is still sharp and should remember.

Alas, our stories are really so very short.