Moments — A meaningful walk


It was a beautiful autumn day and much warmer than it should have been for this time of year. It was on this day I walked ten kilometres with a good friend of mine, and if I was to guess, about 150 people joined us — some rode bicycles, some ran, and others walked. Being a last minute decision on my part I didn't have the proper shoes with me, but a little discomfort was no reason not to participate.

Thirty-seven years before, a young man who had lost one of his legs to osteosarcoma started to run — over 143 days he would run 5,373 kilometres before the disease that eventually took his life forced him to stop.

This was my friend's thirty-sixth Terry Fox Run and it was a privilege to join him this year. We had a chance to catch up, talk about how cancer has touched our lives, enjoy the richness of the local community, and enjoy something as simple as a walk. 

An opportunity to reflect on the roads we've travelled — and with a little luck, will continue to travel.


Terrance Stanley "TerryFox