Moments — build and develop...

"I need you to hire 15 people and fill this room."

"How long do I have?"

"Three months."


Three months later bums were in seats; then 24 months later (after some course corrections) viability was proven  — the team, as well as its expanded future iterations, became part of the sales channel strategy.

I only think of this because recently I came upon the Inside Sales Development Program manual I created as part of the ongoing development of the Inside Sales channel — I smiled as I thumbed through the manual not only because of the memories but also because of the reminder that once you have built something there is an ongoing need to keep developing it.

Constant development begets constant building.

Ironically, this development program was never used by its intended audience but did become the core for another initiative and team I helped built — and with it, I became a better strategic thinker, tactical executer, and people leader.

Build and develop... build and develop...

There is no other way.