The thoughts of memories...

I will admit I am not very good at remembering.

I should clarify that when I say this I am not referring to facts and figures, dates and responsibilities, but memories. I am forever listening to friends and family say, "Remember when...".

I sincerely have to admit I don't.

Oh, it is all there in the filing cabinet that I call my brain, but it is never easily recalled... I eventually find it, although it usually needs a photograph, a sound, a smell, or a conversation as a primer. 

Once remembered, I am always a little sad I am not able to recall and savour my memories so easily.

In my life I have been privileged to have known wonderful people, have travelled enough to understand the complicated love hate relationship that comes with it, and have seen places and things that have taken my breath away — I've developed relationships that have defined me as a father, a friend, and as an inamorato. There is nothing I have to complain about so far... it has been a good life.    

Except of course, maybe my ability to easily remember it.

This is definitely something I must work on; for no other reason I suppose than the thoughts of memories yet to be made.

I really do need to read that book on mindfulness.