Moments — startups are not just for Ys and Zs anymore.


"What's really bothering you?"

"Don't get me started — not taking advice and living in a fantasyland are the 2 that immediately come to mind."

"Sounds like that other startup we were dealing with a while ago."   

"Yeah  — it's the 'I'm the entrepreneur and I know everything so why would I possibly need advice in the sales/marketing/tech/finance area by subject matter experts?' syndrome — it's a real thing."

Although there is some artistic licence with this short conversation it really did take place, and although there are many themes that you could glean from it, I came away with two.

         #1) The startup is not just reserved for the bright eyed youth of today (with an idea and boundless energy) because more and more "40 and 50 something" professionals are now finding themselves in the startup arena — more often than not spit out of a corporate setting with an idea, lots of experience, and maybe not so much energy. Everyone is flocking to wear the badge of honour that is the "entrepreneur".  

          #2) There is nothing worse than a "40 and 50 something" professional with experience and some success under their belt — sadly they believe they know what the fuck they are doing better than anyone else. And yes, I realize those annoying 20 something's also believe they know what the fuck they are doing better than anyone else, although to be fair, it's expected from them because that's what comes with being young (we've all been there if you remember).

I should mention that as a "50 something" I believe I know what the fuck I am doing better than everyone else, although to be fair, I also realize I need to listen to those who actually DO KNOW BETTER — as well as adopt what I hear. I will admit it's a work in progress with improvement each and every day.

The real rub in all of this is experience actually does get you a little closer to knowing what the fuck you are doing better than anyone else, so make sure you tap into that experience whenever you can — be it yours, or someone else's.