Questions to Help You Mind Your Business — A Summary.


A little while ago Renée Cormier and I were discussing business opportunities, the evolution of business, and the natural transition of start-ups and small business to keep pace — somewhere in all of this the idea of ten questions that should be asked was born. Over ten weeks we diligently posted our thoughts on each question and shared it with our various networks.

Part of the exercise was to develop our answers independently and post them together; something unto itself that was important because we wanted to offer two separate perspectives on the same question. This was a subtle reminder that people see things differently, have different ideas, and that the whole is almost always better than the parts. This was definitely apparent when people engaged with comments, thoughts, and perspectives we hadn't considered  — something which offered even a better answer to the question.

For your convenience I have listed the 10 questions and links to the answers — I'm directing you to the social media platform beBee because quite frankly the comments and engagement are the best; again, adding to a better answer

1)  What is the nature of your business? (How can I create a fuller picture of the nature of my business?

2)  Where should I spend my money?

3)  Do I need a plan for my business?

4)  Should I hire a sales person?

5)  How can maximize the value of my employees?

6)  Why can’t employees just do what I tell them?

7)  How do I build a team?

8)  How can I manage my business and still have a life?

9)  How will I know if I am successful?

10)  Do I need to be using social media and how much do I really need to do?

Thanks again to Renée Cormier for collaborating on this, and I very much appreciate those who took the time to read and engage with what we posted.

As I mentioned, it all led to coming up with better answers.


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