A video experience of Iceland... with some transferable lessons learned (maybe, possibly, hopefully).

Firstly, and I really, really mean it...

This is my favourite picture.

This is my favourite picture.

  • This life changing adventure was courtesy of the great people at G Adventures.
  • Iceland is a mystical place and cannot be experienced anywhere else.
  •  "My Head is an Animal" by  Of Monsters and Men will forever be the sound track of my Iceland adventure - It is a must for your music collection.

Secondly, I've included my favourite picture of Iceland and a video of my ten day adventure... the reasons I hope are self-explanatory.

Thirdly, those lessons that I had mentioned (some of which I'm sure are transferable):

Lesson #1: Understand the situation you are dealing with and do your homework - A taxi is $180 from the airport to Reykjavik, while the bus (that is just as comfortable) is $25. As you may guess, I just instinctively jumped in the cab.

Lesson #2: Wandering through the darkness (with vague instructions hand) to soak in a hot spring is far more fulfilling than following the crowd the next day in the daylight - Striking out on your own is sometimes much more satisfying than following the crowd; not to mention the interesting people you meet.

Lesson #3: Teaching someone to set up their tent more than once serves no one - There are some skills you need to learn for yourself... mastery comes with practice.

Lesson #4: When you get the opportunity to sleep "indoors" in Iceland or camp in a lush poplar forest in Iceland, opt for the poplar forest option as you can sleep indoors anywhere - Lean into something you don't normally have the opportunity to do.

Lesson #5: Stuff will happen... a wet, non functioning cel phone in your pocket; water sandals breaking just before the big river crossing; a twinged knee after slipping on a rock - All problems can be solved with unemotional thinking, a little luck, some help from your friends, and when needed, just having the stoic wherewithal to muscle through it.

Lesson #6:  Whether you are at the front of the group, in the middle, or dead last after hiking twenty-five kilometres doesn't matter. What does matter however, is everyone is in basecamp that evening sharing the experiences of the day - The journey to a goal is as individual as all of us; all to be recognized, supported and celebrated.

Of late it seems Patagonia has been calling me.