Self imposed change... something to encourage yourself to do.

Sometimes you just need some self imposed change... and I am not referring to taking a different route to work or having a strawberry shake instead of your usual chocolate; something more substantial:

  • Sell your house and live somewhere new.
  • Get an MBA to elevate your prospects.
  • Take the package and explore new career paths.
  • Take that job in another country.
  • Buy a standard, even though you've only ever driven automatic. 

Ok, maybe switching to standard is not so substantial, but don't underestimate how tricky it can be in the beginning. My point here is that deliberately initiating change, the bigger the better, is important for growth, well-being and exploring this adventure we call life.

Let's take me for example... I am selling my house and moving. Although circumstances allow me to sell, I don't have to, and I'm not exactly sure where I would move to; still there is a sign out front. Here is my thinking, and I believe it is applicable to other substantial change events... in both a literal and figurative way.

  • I will literally change my perspective of the world. I will move from a place where I looked at the world a certain way to where my perspectives and views will be totally different. I will literally see the world a "different" way..
  • In dealing with the "different", I will learn new skills or at the very least sharpen my existing skills. As an extension of this, I will also break or at least challenge old habits.
  • My ability to ADAPT will be challenged and strengthened. I believe adaptability is a skill we all need to develop for our ensured success.
  • It will strengthen my planning, organization and execution skills. I rarely use the word "hate", but when it comes to moving I will say, " I hate moving... immensely! And with said, I will ensure I do this move as efficiently as possible, with as few issues as possible.
  • It will be an adventure; I will find myself doing things I haven't done before to complete the move and once I'm settled, it will all be new!.

There is also one more thing and maybe the most important which is with self imposed change, you are in control (well at least the illusion of control)..but there will be times when big change is thrust upon you, and you are not in control (be it an illusion or not).

Self imposed change lets you practice for those times when opposed change come your way. And make no mistake, it will. 

Wish me luck with my move,