I would like to raise a glass and toast...

... our mothers.

They brought us into the world; taught us the important things, and have given us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.


I think this stands on it's own very nicely, but for those interested in the backstory, it goes something like this.

We had finishing up a three day meeting with a small banquet; it was a time where everything we touched turned to gold*, so it was a marvellous venue. Halfway into the evening a leader came up to me and said, "In about ten minutes I will need you to mention your team and make a toast". And then walked away. Soon enough I found myself thanking my team for their hard work, raising a glass and making a toast to "our mothers". It seemed like the most appropriate thing to do. 

I have used this toast every so often since; not only because I have it in my back pocket, but because I think there is a profoundness that I never want to forget.

It turns out the probability of being the person that "you are", has been calculated to be 1 in 10 followed by 2,685,00 zeros**. So when it is said you are a miracle, from a mathematical perspective, it's basically correct. This is grand reminder that we are given a great opportunity and should, to the best of our abilities, make the most of it.

We end up knowing a fair bit over a lifetime, but it is that foundational knowledge that we learn at a very young age that serves us the most - Honesty, courage, resilience, respect...

Everything we do, and everything we will ever do, involves people we surround ourselves with. Choose well and choose often.

It was also very good wine by the way.


The rewrite can be found by clicking here.

* As a quick aside, my experience with the "everything turns to gold" thing, is it ebbs and flows. Enjoy it when you are there.
** Probability calculated by Dr. Binazir and highlighted in an article by Dina Spector (Business Insider, June 11, 2012).