Is your vision aligned?

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I was at a meeting a while back when a business leader suggested the need to spend some time together to ensure our "visions are aligned" - There was great leadership in this simple request. In it, he would ensure the parties around the table truly had a vision and in turn understood their goals, as well as ensuring that there was a commonality and in that effectively work together. 

A vision, or vision statement is sometimes called a picture of you in the future, but it'’s so much more than that. Your vision is your inspiration, the framework for all your planning and all of your activities. Individuals and organizations should have a vision and it should be in a form that is easy to articulate... it should roll of the tongue effortlessly.

One obvious reason is that "everything you do" should be connected to your "vision for the future", allowing you will achieve whatever you have in mind for yourself. As the conversation between Alice and the Cheshire Cat tells us , "if you don't know where you are going, it doesn't matter what road you take" ( What they didn't mention is that some roads are easier to travel than others ).

Another reason for an articulated vision, and I will suggest even more important than above, is that very few things are ever built alone... success comes when you work with others. Having a vision that is very easy to articulate makes it simple for people to understand, engage, and align - People rallying around a common vision is how momentum to do incredible things gets started, and more importantly sustained. This is where motivational sayings are made. 

But, what happens when you find yourself in a situation where your visions do not aligned?

  • Differing agendas and personal conflict.
  • Poor and ineffective execution.
  • Frustration.
  • Lost opportunity and wasted effort.
  • Mediocrity. 

This is a result of not being able to clearly articulate visions and determine if there is commonality, synergy and alignment to make things happen. Understanding this, is where leadership is made. 

Having different visions is just fine, but trying to build something with misaligned visions is precarious to say the least. It is important that all of us bring a clear vision to "the table", so we all know what we will rally behind ... or not.