Sometimes it's just hard to do something...

I have been posting a blog every Sunday and Wednesday for a while now and have been true to my schedule. Some blogs have been well received, while others not so much. But I have always published. Today, it has been hard to come up with something to write about.

Today... every idea I have come up with keeps crashing in the proverbial "ball of flame". I just can't get it together, and in fact have been wrestling with it for over a day now. 

The big question I have been asking myself is, "do I just not post today, or do I at least publish something?". If you have gotten this far, I guess you have the answer. As I write this, it strikes me that there is a message in all of this. When it is hard, do you just put it off, or do you put the best foot forward you can? Is it better to do something, or nothing at all?

If it was another day, I suspect I would have something to say about this, but because it is today, the best I can come up with on this day is ... 

Do something!!

As a consolation for reading this far, I have attached the link on a great talk by Dr Brene Brown on vulnerability. Click here. It is very inspirational.

Tomorrow is another day,