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The timing of this may suggest that I want to spend some time reflecting on the year that was 2014 or even on a larger scale looking back on one's life... nothing so grand. I wanted to spend some time just reflecting on an evening with three of my oldest friends. Will any of this be particularly profound, have any insight into life, business or satisfaction? Maybe, maybe not... but I did have a wonderful evening.

Let me offer a quick back story for context - Like all of us, I have a group of close friends and I suspect, like all of us, there are logistical cartwheels you must entertain to try and co-ordinate getting together. To solve this, as well as the frustration of trying to herd the OCD kittens, a buddy and I decide when we want to have a drink and then I send out one e-mail (just one), letting everyone know when and where. A few nights ago four of us got together with invitations in hand to meet at The Libertine. For the sake of anonymity, let's name the three that joined me as Huey, Dewey and The Duke.


We are all grown up here, so look after our own calendars. (i) 

Adapting to a change in circumstance leads to untold surprises including a seedy pool hall where they only speak Portuguese. (ii)

 "Life is too short to be buying beer from a bottle." (iii)

If you are going to have a shot of bourbon, do not put ice in it. (iv)

Pay attention to your bill or it will be $33 and not $25. (v)

Imagine the good time you would have missed because it was more convenient at the to go home rather than walk up the street. (vi)

"You would think the Fortune teller would know she was going to be sick and tell us in advance". (vii)

Even though you have a law degree, maybe it's better to be in a band and in love. (viii)

"The Lisgar" is a confusing drink but I am glad I had it. (ix)

"You need to live outside of your comfort zone" (x)

With some friends, what you have in common is a lifetime. (xi)

So there you have it, the reflections from one night out. We all have them. Night after night, year after year, until a lifetime has been forged. Here is to a Happy and Healthy 2015 and I hope your reflections are grand. 


PS: Huey asked me if I was going to blog about the night and now he has the answer.

Footnotes (as interpreted by the author)

i) In your world you may have admins to manage your calendar, but in my world I'm not your admin, so figure it out yourself. Stay independent.

ii) The Libertine is changing and even though the internet says it is open at 7:00 and/or 8:00, it really opens at 10:00. Change can lead to very cool, unexpected things - Plus The Libertine did eventually open.

iii) Huey said this about the beer he drinks; it is profound... why would you have something generic and stale, when you can easily find fresh and real.

iv)  If you are going to have a shot, have a shot - Don't pretend by diluting it down and sipping it.

v) Things can cost you if you don't pay attention...through no one's fault  but your own.

vi) After dinner, Dewey wanted to go home instead of walk up the street to see if The Libertine was open (as it was out of the way for him if it wasn't open). Remember, sometimes, more often than not, you do it for the journey and the camaraderie.

vii) The Libertine has a Fortune teller on site. She was sick and the bartender said this - I thought it was funny.

viii) An example of "what you can be" versus "what you want to be". I think the bartender is doing the right thing, but that could be me. 

ix) a combination of Johnny Walker Red, Campari, Sweet Vermouth and hot sauce. It was a party of taste confusion in the mouth.

x) Dewey kept saying this - In 2014, he travelled to Argentina to see the Red Hot Chilly Peppers, scuba dived 15 times (including a tunnel dive), rode his motorcycle everywhere (deciding to collect them) and walked up the street to The Libertine. I think he's doing just fine with respect to stepping out of his comfort zone.

xi) It has been an honour to have Huey, Dewy and the Duke as friends - I have cherished our lifetime camaraderie, as I am better for it.