Renée Cormier

Renée Cormier

As a coach, I facilitate in transforming people’s lives. I give my clients the opportunity discover who they really are and to learn the necessary techniques for taking control of their world and creating the life they want. We set goals, we achieve them and we learn who we really are along the way.

believe that nothing works well in life if we are not in vibrational harmony with our inner being. Self-destructive behaviours, self-sabotaging behaviours, anger, and control issues indicate that there is a disconnect between the outer self and the divine inner self. Once you heal that relationship, you will discover your career, your business, external relationships, your health, and overall wellness will improve dramatically.

I am a former public relations professional, adult educator and published author. My life experiences have been rich and have led me to the work I am doing to bring success and fulfillment to people all over the world.  

beBee Inc.

beBee Ambassador

beBee Ambassador

beBee is the world's most dynamic social network. Build professional relationships on the ideal platform for creating and sharing content. be Professional be Personal be Successful.

As a beBee Ambassador I advocate, produce honey,  blog, cheerlead and help people successfully incorporate beBee into their social media strategy.  

Scott Leckie

Scott Leckie, a successful portfolio manager, started Takota Asset Management in April of 2012 to expand upon the success enjoyed at his predecessor company Aquilon Capital, an investment firm he co-founded in 1990 and sold to National Bank Financial in 2008.  Takota looks at creative ways, free from corporate agendas, to prosper from market inefficiencies and considers investment opportunities in assets using a common sense, value based framework.  In addition to founding Aquilon and Takota, Scott was also a founding partner of Aquilon Power, a firm engaged in the arbitrage of North American electrical markets. Scott, an experienced capital markets participant has sat on various corporate committees and Boards, including a term as Chairman of a Canadian public company.  

John Garrow

John Garrow has over 25 years' experience assisting entrepreneurial companies in establishing and meeting their financial objectives. A non-practicing Chartered Accountant, he started his career with Price Waterhouse and has worked as an investment banker with RBC Capital Markets, Newport Private Wealth and Beringer Capital and as the Chief Financial Officer of FanXchange and Vanhawks. He received his MBA from the University of Western Ontario. John is the principal of Horizon.